What do you know that I don’t?


Image by Marco Bellucci

Image by Marco Bellucci

Since starting this blog, I have tried to post articles with information that is of benefit to other writers. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely no expert on writing, hell, I don’t even apply the tips in my posts consistently. I’m still learning, and should have bright yellow L plates stuck on my forehead. But, I do find the more I read and write about them, the more they stick in my mind and I become conscious of them when I am writing. And so it is that I will endeavour to relay these little nuggets of wisdom that I find useful as a writer, as I come across them, as best I can, in my own words. For now though, I’m curious, what is the best tip you have picked up along the way?



3 thoughts on “What do you know that I don’t?

  1. The best tip I found for writing came via a comic artist (Penny Arcade): That you should do a 15-minute warm-up of sketching every morning before you start on your main activity / piece of art.

    I’m trying something similar now: a 15-minute writing warm-up each day before I start in on a short story / novel. It seems to clear the cobwebs and stretch the imagination.

    And the only tip I have for authors and wish I’d learned much, much earlier (and am still working on) is to plan your stories. Plan the characters, the narrative, create the world, decide what events will happen while the story is occurring but are off screen. It’s painful but, I think, it helps with narrative momentum. (Fingers crossed. ^_^)


    • Thanks Kenneth, I have been following your blog and personally I think your writing has come a long way. Whatever your doing, it looks like it is working. keep it up. I look forward to reading the next Kenneth Mugi Novel 🙂


  2. Thanks Allan! I’ve got a few things under the hood so hopefully I’ll sneak one out on Amazon by the end of the year.

    Y’know, typhoons permitting and all that. 😉

    Can’t wait to read your full-works as well! I just know they’re going to be so awesome. 🙂


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