Fan Art

This page is dedicated to art. Here you will find pictures I have drawn to help visualize things in my books and pictures from my readers inspired by my books. If you would like to contribute, please email me. My contact details are on the ‘Contact Me’ page.

First up is a map of Armada from the Blood Rage series:

Map of Armada20170219

Here is some Fan art from C.B. inspired by ‘Darkness in Shadows’.


Below is a map of Aidan O’Cullen’s residence from Blood Rage. The pictures on the left are sketch ideas for the horse head carving on the wall at the entrance and the carved entrance gate.

O'Cullen's residence20170430

Next up are some crests and character notes:

notes and crests20170430

Concept art for Rangor, The City of Ships:


The next sketch of the Ku-Shee was more about capturing the size and shape I pictured in my head (I wanted something that resembled a Fu-Dog/Temple Guardian). The final description grew from here:


This is one of my favourites, the Wood Nymph/Dryad:


Erin imprisoned in one of the Marquis’ private cells.

Erin in cell20170701