A Quick Update for Horror Fans

Image by Jcrakow

Image by Jcrakow

Hello Readers,

I have some exciting news for you, I have recently finished reviewing my editor’s comments on a new short horror story I’ve written. I have amended the story based on the edits and I am very pleased with the final polish of this piece. I think it has buffed off the tarnishes and made it shine. I have also secured a cover for the story and plan to do a cover reveal in the near future, I just need to sort out if I am keeping the working title or amending it and if I’m going to apply a tag line (I will if I can think of something suitable).

My plan is to release this in KDP Select to see how it goes. Once the Amazon exclusive period is up, I will look at going out on a wider distribution. I will let you know if and when this happens.

In the mean time, I wish you some scary reading.

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Writing Habits – Good or Bad?


Photo by Renaud Camus

Photo by Renaud Camus

Hello Readers,

Writing is an art. As a writer, I need to practice the craft to improve my skills and become the best I can be. Because of this, I read and write consistently. Every day. That’s right – every day I will do some reading or writing to help me improve.

Some writers get up early to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, but not me. I’m not a morning person. I tend to practice my craft in the evening. I come home from my day job, sit down with the family for dinner, then disappear into the study. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it works for me, at least for now.

It is a challenge maintaining my writing as I try to balance my home life, monitoring my social media, blogging, etc… I need to tackle these things each day too. I have a note stuck to my laptop that says “Write First!” to encourage me not to get caught up with other stuff before I write. It doesn’t always work, but it does serve as a reminder for me not to get too bogged down in the other stuff.

If you have read any of my writing, you may have noticed some profanity among the pages. I don’t believe there is anything too harsh, but it is something that I find myself shying away from the more I write. I won’t say I’m going to cut it out altogether (as I feel there is a place for it in some circumstances), but I am considering that omitting it may give appeal to a wider audience. I suppose I am still trying to find my voice within my writing and this may be a part of that search. I guess time will tell which way I will lean in the future.

Thanks for reading my rambles.

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What Am I Reading? What Are You Reading?

Picture by wackystuff

Picture by wackystuff

Hello Readers,

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to those who commented on my last post, letting me know what you want to see more of. It looks like you want to see some samples of my writing, some more book reviews, some updates on my work and a bit about what I’m reading. So here is the first post in response to your answers.

At the moment I’m reading four books. Two are Beta reads – The Blessed Cursed and Kingdoms of Tafala. For those of you who may not know what a Beta read is, it is a draft copy of a book that is still in development and not yet released. The authors provide a copy to gain feedback and see what works and what doesn’t, if there are any plot holes and that sort of thing. Both of these stories are in the genre of fantasy. The third book is a non-fiction book called Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr. I picked this up a few days ago as I’m toying with online marketing at the moment and wanted to see if I could gain some insights from the book. It is currently free on Amazon for anyone else that is interested. Lastly, I’m reading The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. This is the third book in a fantasy series I’ve been reading and am enjoying. You can see my reviews of the previous two books here and I will post a review of the third book when I finish reading it.

That’s it for me, so what are you reading?

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Supporting Indie Authors

I had a great night at Little Gnome book shop last weekend where I attended their ‘Indie Author Day’. It was a great event showcasing work from a number of independent authors. There were guest speakers, free nibbles, free beer, free wine and free pizza, all laid on by the wonderful Bel. There were a number of budding authors in the crowd, gleaning inspiration and advice. I also found a new fan – big shout out to Paul, thanks for supporting me by buying my book. I also have to give a massive shout out to Bel for her support and efforts in putting this event together.

Why not show your support by reading a book from an independent author.

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My Name in Books, Tag – Allan.

I saw this book tag on the blog Thrice Read. At the end of her post, Caitlynn said to go ahead and give it a go. I have never done a book tag before, so I thought I would give it a go. I assume they need to be books you have actually read… So here are some from me:

A – Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

L – Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

L – (The) Lascars Dagger by Glenda Larke

A – Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb

N – Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

And that’s it. Can you book tag your name?

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Taking a Break and Re-charging (Part 2)

Hello Readers,

I find myself with a little spare time on my last night in Brussels, and as I promised you all some photos of France, I thought I would use the time to add some (and a few from Belgium too). Being a fantasy author, I like to take photos of medieval buildings and the like for reference material. So here are a few of my favourites:-

France: Notre Dame (inside and outside) and Sacre Coeur (at the top of the hill up the many steps).

Belgium: a selection of photos from Brussels (Grand Place), Ghent and Bruges.

And finally, a picture of J.K. Rowling’s hand prints set into the paving on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Scotland –


Allan Walsh writes Fantasy and Horror. If you’re looking for something new to read in these genres, why not check out his books here.

Taking a break and re-charging.

Hello Readers,

I know I’ve been a little bit quiet lately, but as always, I have been busy. I have finished a draft copy of a book on self publishing and it has been reviewed by my beta readers. The feedback is good with some constructive criticism, helpful tips, and positive comments. My Goodreads giveaway has wrapped up and I have sent all the prizes to the winners, with 5 lucky readers winning a copy of The Crimson Guild and 1 winning a copy of Blood Rage. I have had 2 short stories beta read too and I have received positive feedback on them. After all that, I have put everything aside to enjoy a much needed holiday.

I was a little worried about parking my book on self-publishing for 4 weeks. Things are changing so quickly in the self-publishing world that I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. But sometimes you have to take time out to recharge, and when you are travelling from Australia to the UK, France and Belgium, you just have to make the most of it. So, tools have been put down to collect dust while I relax and recharge.

I’ve had such an awesome time catching up with friends in England that I haven’t seen for over 15 years. I’ve also made some new friends in Essex and I’m having a great time in Montmartre, Paris. Paris is a beautiful city with so much history and Montmartre is such a lovely part of it. There are cafes and bars everywhere, and there are many, many stairs you can climb to help burn off all the calories you consume eating and drinking. I’ve also been on a guided bike tour of the city while I have been here and I would recommend it to anyone that is a competent rider. It was truly enjoyable and I got some great photos and some good ideas for my stories. I have 1 more night in Paris before heading to Edinburgh for an underground tour of the old city beneath the Royal Mile. I’m really looking forward to it.

I doubt I will post again before I return to Australia, so I’ve added a few photos from England (Paris snaps to follow at a later date).


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Ever Wonder How You Can Help An Author?

Picture by tsaiproject - Creative Commons

Picture by tsaiproject – Creative Commons



Hello Readers,

We need your help! That’s right, you have the power to help us authors out. If you’ve ever wondered how you can help your favourite author, I’ll give you a few tips here.

Firstly: Buy their books (this always seems to help, no matter how often you do it).

Tip 2: Reviews are king. If you read a book and you enjoyed it, leave a review! Leaving a review to say how much you enjoyed the book will make the author feel warm and fuzzy. But more than that, readers like to know what other people thought (which may prompt them to go on to buy the book themselves). It also helps with an authors ranking on places like Amazon.

Tip 3: Ain’t got time to write a review? Then leave a star rating – It all helps.

Tip 4: Share and like posts about their books. Your friends will see your post and may be interested in reading the book too.

Aside from purchasing an authors books, these little things will help out. I can also say, hand on heart, that most authors also have a day job. And, if they could just earn a little more from their book sales they might be able to reduce their hours and… write more books!

So if you can, blog about it, share your thoughts on social media, write a review on Amazon or Kobo or wherever else you can. What are you waiting for… Go help your favourite author.

Allan Walsh writes Fantasy and Horror. If you’re looking for something new to read in these genres, why not check out his books here

Do You Like Fantasy Maps in Your Novels?

Hello Readers,

I released my first fantasy novel this year and in what seems like a bit of a fantasy tradition to me, I included a fantasy map in the front. I was just flicking through my blog pages to see if they needed an update and I stumbled across the picture. The artwork is my own and does have some rough edges, but I felt this gave it an authentic feel (though others may feel it looks amateurish). Anyway, I got to thinking, as a reader, do you like to have a map or do you just skip over it to get to the story? Personally I like them, but I’m interested in what other readers think. And for those that like fantasy maps, here is a picture of mine which can is found in the front of ‘Blood Rage’.

Map of Armada20170219 So, what do you think? Is a map important to you? Does it add anything to the story? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you and happy reading!

Allan Walsh writes Fantasy and Horror. If you’re looking for something new to read in these genres, why not check out his books here

Flying High – Nervous, Elated, Tense, and Having Fun all at the Same Time.

Recently I went for an introduction to flying lesson. It was a little scary because the instructor went through the controls and then said, “you’ll be doing most of the flying today.” I thought he was joking, but oh no… he meant it. I got to taxi down to the runway, where he took control for take off, but as soon as we were up in the air he handed over to me. It was awesome, an amazing feeling to know I was flying the plane, but I was very tense, thinking of the consequences of doing something wrong. Anyway, I survived.

How can I apply this experience to my writing? Well, if I could apply these emotions to my writing, the elation, the tension, having my characters in a dangerous situation, making them and my readers so acutely aware of the stakes, I would have one hell of a story. I will try to remember how this felt the next time I’m writing a scene like this, hopefully the feelings will flow through to my writing.

And here are some photos for you all.

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