Try, Fail, Rethink and Try again.

Blood and Fear 3D render

Hello Readers,

This is just a quick note to let you know about a change in a previous strategy I had. You may recall a post a completed a while ago detailing the release strategy for my Blood Rage series. The plan was to have book 1 exclusive to the boxed set. The boxed set has 3 books:

Book 1 – Blood and Fear (a short story),

Book 2 – The Crimson Guild (a novella), and

Book 3 – Blood Rage (a novel).

My idea was to price the boxed set low enough that it was better value than buying books 2 and 3, and you would get the exclusive short story too.

Well, I have not had much luck with this strategy. While I have had sales on book 2 and 3, there were very few sales of the boxed set. I also think that book 2 and 3 sales are lower than they could be, because some readers wanted to read book 1 first, but could only get it by buying the boxed set. And who wants to take a chance on a 3 book boxed set by a new author, when they may not like the author’s style?

Because of this, I have re-thought my strategy and decided to try again. Blood and Fear is exclusive no more. I have decided that I will make book 1 free so that readers can take a ‘no risk’ chance on my fantasy writing. Hopefully, they will like the story and go on to read books 2 and 3.

The good news is that Blood and Fear is now free on most retail platforms. You can also get it for free from my website home page. Why not grab yourself a copy today?

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Try, Fail, Rethink and Try again.

  1. Thanks for the insight! I am scheduled to launch book 2 of my series end of April and am avid for insights into the different strategies I can use, especially with respect to the first book in the series. Off to read the original article.


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