Spotlight on the Author – Geneve Flynn

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

I’d like to shine a bright spotlight on someone who I believe is an extremely talented author. Her name is Geneve Flynn (pronounced Jen-a-vee). Gen joined my writers’ group about a year ago and from day one she has not failed to impress me. She has a talent for writing original stories and building her worlds, with what appears to be an effortless use of well placed words.

Personally, I look forward to Gen’s submissions, not only because every one is a pleasure for me to read, but also because I can learn valuable lessons from them. They are always well edited and well written. Maybe because she not just a writer, but she is an editor too. She frequently puts her editing skills to work, not just on her own stories, but on the work presented for critique at our group. Her critiques of my work are always constructive and offer a great deal of value.

Gen writes in a style that describes the surroundings without you realising she is doing it. The words flow smoothly and draw you into her world. She has a knack for old folk-tale horror stories and I think she is an author to look out for in the future. So when her name is plastered across the store windows, advertising her latest story, remember – you heard it here first!

If you would like to find out more about Geneve and her stories, just follow this link.

Spotlight on the Author – Kirstie Olley

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Today’s Spotlight shines brightly on a young, talented author by the name of Kirstie Olley. Kirstie is an author friend that I rub shoulders with at my writers’ group. She is vibrant and energetic, so much so, that I often wonder how much coffee she consumes before each meeting? But then I think – Nah, that’s just how she rolls!

Kirstie has a fascination with Manga, Fantasy and Goldfish. She adores Pokémon and My Little Pony and you can usually pick her out from a crowd, just by looking for the girl wearing the ‘Dr Who’, ‘Pokemon’ or ‘How to train your dragon’ T-shirt. She’s a Spec Fiction writer, living in Brisbane and she has a true passion for her craft – as anyone who spends five minutes talking to her about writing will tell you.

Kirstie loves to write the likes of modern fantasy or fairy tales with a twist, in fact, I think she just loves to write. Her most noted stories to date include:- Stolen Hearts, Short Circuit and Nightfall.

If you would like to find out more about Kirstie and her stories, just follow this link –

Spotlight on the Author – S Elliot Brandis

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Have you ever immersed yourself in the dark world of post apocalyptic, dystopian society? S. Elliot Brandis has – in fact he does so regularly. You see, he is the type of author that spends a great deal of time creating these worlds in his imagination. Thinking about them while he rides on the bus, as he walks down the street and while he works at his day job.

This softly spoken, trendy, young author is hitting the book scene hard and fast, releasing two books in the last 12 months with a third on the way and still working on more. His talent for choosing the right word at the right time, makes his prose crisp with a poetic edge that is a pleasure to read.

For purposes of disclosure, I will add that I know S. Elliot Brandis personally, as we are members of the same writing group. However, I stick by my opinion that he is a talented and up-coming writer that we are sure to see more of in the future.

To find out more about S. Elliot Brandis and his work, visit his blog here

Spotlight on the Author – Kenneth Mugi

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Today’s ‘Spotlight on the Author’ talks about an intelligent, interesting man who is passionate about what he believes in. He also happens to be a friend and a talented author, he is Kenneth Mugi.

I first met Kenneth when he turned up at my writer’s group one Sunday. He walked in with his bag slung over his shoulder, said hello in his mild mannered Canadian accent, then pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose with a single finger (just like Clark Kent) and sat down with the group.

In a way Kenneth is a Super Hero himself. He has the ability to intelligently dissect prose and provide insightful feedback. He has a friendly smile and a laid back attitude, his wit is sharp and his imagination is mind blowing. But what is even more impressive is the fact that he turned up in the first place, because Kenneth suffers from social anxiety.

I am truly honoured to say that Kenneth is my friend. His writing is original and carries the influence of his life experiences. He has worked with at-risk adults, lived in several countries, and always talks about how amazing his wife, Aiko is.

You can find out more about Kenneth and his books on his blog or on Facebook.


Spotlight on the Author – Talitha Kalago

(Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro)

Welcome to my first ‘Spotlight On The Author’ post. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I like to help other Writers/Authors with hints and tips, references, etc… as well as motivate them with positive and inspirational quotes. But not everyone needs tips on how to write or where to find resources, so I thought I would try to help in another way.

The concept behind ‘Spotlight On The Author’ is to highlight other authors and their work, who they are, what they write, how to find their blogs, and whatever else I think might help.

I got the idea while talking to a friend and fellow member of Vision Writers – Talitha Kalago. Surprise, surprise, we were chatting about all things writing, from blog posts and author interviews to why you should have business cards as a writer – so who better to start with!

Talitha is an Aussie girl who lives on the Sunshine Coast. She writes Y.A, Spec Fic, Fantasy and Horror, among other genres, and not all under the same name. As a person she shoots from the hip and doesn’t mince words, much like her writing which is sharp and lean. Her critiques can be brutally direct and her editing suggestions have earned her the nickname ‘Slasher’. All fear Talitha in the circle of critiques… This said she is not malicious and will just as freely praise good work, to the extent where she has offered to present other writer’s work to her publisher.

Talitha’s is a determined, self motivated and focussed individual who loves to write. Her most recent work is the Lifesphere Inc. series of Y.A. Sci-Fi novels, the first of which is available free on her website. To find out more about her and her books you can visit: Traditional Evolution.