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Oiling The Machine On My Journey.


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Hello readers, I have been working on a number of things lately, including writing more stories. I’m currently about 4000 words into a short story I started about 6 months ago and put down to mature after about 1500 words. I’m also about 3000 words into a new story.

In this post though, I wanted to focus a little on how I am trying to improve my business of being a writer. So, what have I been up to? Well for a start, I have now registered a PO Box. I did this for the sole reason of setting up a Mail Chimp account to help build a mailing list and anti-spam laws require you to provide an address that is displayed on all your e-mails. Having a Mail Chimp account will enable me to build an e-mail list of my readers, so I can notify them (via email) when I release a new book or provide a special offer. For instance, I may look for readers to read a story I have just completed and provide feedback before it’s released. I may offer a free copy of a new book for an honest review on Goodreads or Amazon. I may run a giveaway, etc… that sort of thing.

Okay, now I have my PO Box and a Mail Chimp account. I’ve linked a free anthology that contains short stories from a number of upcoming Australian authors. This is a kind of thank you for those that subscribe to my mailing list. If you are interested and would like a copy of the book, you can sign up by clicking here, or if you are interested in signing up, but do not want the anthology then you can sign up here.

The next step was to add my PO Box address to my social media sites and my e-mail signature. I chose not to add this to all of my social media sites, just the main ones. After doing all this, I have posted some blogs/messages on social media to create awareness of the book giveaway to kick-start my mailing list.

That’s about it for this update, so until next time, be lucky.

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It was only fairly recently that I discovered Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. The first in the Peculiar Children trilogy it was originally published in 2011, and next week a film adaptation directed by Tim Burton will be released in cinemas. Its premise intrigued me – an abandoned orphanage on a remote Welsh island, […]

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Freelance: Find & Manage an Editor — Quintessential Editor

You’ve finished your masterpiece and want to get it professionally edited. If you have no access to brick and mortar editors, you might be considering using an online, freelance editor. Scrolling through freelance profiles on the many sites they populate sometimes has the same seedy feeling of looking through the personals section of a newspaper (we’ve all […]

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A Writer’s Dilemma. What Would You Do?


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For those that follow my blog, you may already know I have been working on a couple of things. Honestly, I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before or not, so you may not know. Anyway… I have a trilogy that consists of a short story, a novella and a novel. These are all written and currently being edited. I also have 2 short stories I’ve released and another 5 in various stages of being written/edited.

I have 2 distinct marketing plans for these:

1 – Release the novella and novel from my trilogy individually at a standard price, then release a boxed set at a reduced price with the short story as a bonus (this short story will be exclusive to the boxed set).

2 – Release the short stories one at a time with standard pricing and no promotion, then when I have 8 or so, release a boxed set. The boxed set will be heavily discounted in comparison to the cost of purchasing all the individual books.

My dilemma is, that now some of the short stories are out there, I really want to start promoting them to generate some interest. There are problems with this though. I don’t want to ‘rip off’ my readers by having them pay full price for individual books. Especially when I know a boxed set will be available for a much better price down the track. I could give free copies away, but then I will not get verified purchases for any reviews on Amazon (which apparently is a must for Authors if they want to sell books). I could make the books exclusive to Amazon and do an Amazon giveaway, but then I have to pull my stories from other places, which I can’t do for one of them.

So what do I do?  I don’t know. But I would love to hear your thoughts, whether you’re a reader or a writer. What would you do?

Tin House is Accepting Unsolicited Submissions for 2017

25 August 2016

Tin House is Accepting Unsolicted Submissions for 2017

“Tin House is an invaluable repository of fine American writing and American fiction, presented in a crisp and entertaining visual format.”
– Stephen King

The first issue of literary magazine Tin House was published in 1999. Based in Portland, Oregon, Tin House publishes fiction, essays, and poetry, and its contributors have frequently been recognised by major American literary awards and anthologies including the Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize.

Throughout September Tin House will be accepting submissions for its first three issues of 2017:

  • Spring – Theme: Rehab, to be published 1 March 2017
  • Summer – Open, non-themed, to be published 1 June 2017
  • Fall – Theme: True Crime, to be published 1 September 2017

Writers are asked to submit only one story or essay (10,000-word limit), or up to five poems at a time. Submissions are welcomed from emerging writers, as well as more established ones. The editors particular seek work that is “new and fresh, unlike what [they’ve] read and published before.”

Submissions open on 1 September and close on 30 September. For further details visit the Tin House website.

For some extra tips before submitting your work, read our popular posts on How to Submit Your Writing to Literary Magazines and Mistakes Writers Make When Submitting to Literary Magazines.