Reviews and Self-evaluation – Level Head or Big Head?



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Hello Readers,

I’ve seen a few posts lately where an author have asked other authors if they should review their own work. I’ve even responded to a few of these posts with comments giving my own opinion. I read somewhere that you should like your own blog posts, because if you do not have confidence in yourself, why should anyone else? By liking your own work you are letting people know that you trust yourself.

Personally, I don’t see any harm in liking/rating/reviewing your own work – just as long as you’re giving an honest opinion. There is no point is saying something is awesome, when you know it is not. I think this is a sure way to lose the trust of your readers. Rather than saying I love my work, I tend to give a bit of a synopsis when I ‘review’ my own stories, and I rate them at the level I feel they deserve. I know some of my work could be better and in these cases I do not give a 5 star review. In fact, I have never given myself a 5 star review and I doubt I will ever be that satisfied with my own work; there is always room for improvement.

Preference is subjective, so it stands to reason that some people will like things that others do not. And truly, the world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same things all the time. I enjoy my stories and I don’t see any reason I should not rate them accordingly. After all, I wouldn’t publish them if I didn’t believe they were worthy to put out in the world. But, I am interested in knowing your thoughts on the matter. I certainly do not want to turn my readers off.

So, as a reader, does it put you off an author when they have rated their own work? Does it bother you at all? Do you like it and take an interest in the authors thoughts about their own stories? Just how do you feel about it?

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6 thoughts on “Reviews and Self-evaluation – Level Head or Big Head?

    • That’s probably true, but isn’t everyone a little biased in some way or another? Favourite author, favourite trope, personal dislikes, for example. I think they would all sway opinion one way or another. Thanks for your thoughts on this, it’s great to get a variety of opinions to get your brain thinking.


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