Why is having fun so painful?

Hello Readers,

I thought I would do a more personal post today, so I’m going to let you know what I got up to over the weekend. Firstly, it was an early start for me, early being 6am. “That’s not early!” I hear some of you saying, and for some people, it isn’t, but I’m not real good with early mornings and 6am is early for me. Anyway, after getting myself ready in a zombie-like state, it was off to Mount Tamborine. There’s a beautiful national park at Mount Tamborine and amongst it is a place called Thunderbird Park, where you can go to fossick for Thunder Eggs, but that’s another story. There is also a put-put (mini golf) course, laser skirmish, a café, and a tree top challenge – an obstacle course in the trees. It was the treetop challenge that drew me there. Why not have some fun in the treetops? I thought. Well after 5 hours across 4 courses that get progressively harder, I was exhausted. My hands were sore from holding on, my legs were sore from using muscles I didn’t know I had and my arms… well they almost decided to give up and play dead! Here’s a couple of pic’s for you.

This is me, having completed the easy circuit, thinking the hard circuit is going to be a piece of cake. I’m such an optimist.

tree top climb1

And below you can see me standing on the platform in the trees.

Tree top climb2

Flick forward to Sunday morning:

Ouch! my body aches… I roll out of bed, shuffle to the shower, soaking my aching muscles. I soon find out I’ve been thrown into some crazy world of ‘It’s a Knock Out’, ‘Wipe out’ and ‘Takeshis Castle’ all rolled into one, as I try to get dressed and my muscles refuse to comply. I hobble into the kitchen and fumble through making a coffee, like a two year old with a shape sorter toy, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I sit down, feeling a little sorry for myself, and ease my super-heavy coffee cup to my lips, biceps straining under what can only be liquid lead within my cup; nope, it’s just coffee! I gulp it down and everything seems a little better. Why is having fun so painful?



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