Book Review – ‘Bot War by Ian J. Miller

'Bot War by Ian J. Miller

‘Bot War
by Ian J. Miller (Goodreads Author)

Repost of Alex G’s review
3 out of 5 Stars
Feb 11, 2017

This book’s extrapolation of a US as well as global dystopia is well-researched and not impossible, especially in light of the ongoing actions of the US President Trump. I particularly liked the beebots (view spoiler). The plot is a complex one and reads almost like a docu-drama, like Dragnet.

Although the inner thoughts of the main characters were spot-on in driving the plot forward, they are mostly analytical and inner emotions are not strongly expressed. Therefore, I didn’t feel terribly invested in their various fates. There were a few scenes that were well-done: between Ken, a low-level bank manager, and a sharpshooter and Ken, again, and Taylor (aka “Miss Black”) which had a solid amount of tension and the dialogue had character. If there were more scenes like those, then it would have been a more emotionally invigorating read.

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