Book Review: A Subtle Agency by Graeme Rodaughan

A Subtle Agency by Graeme Rodaughan A Subtle Agency (The Metaframe War, #1)
by Graeme Rodaughan (Goodreads Author)

Repost of Alex G‘s review

Nov 11, 201635532567
4 Stars
Got high-tech vampires? Got katanas? Got martial arts combat so kick-ass you could be watching a Jet Li film? Then this story has got your name written all over it.

It’s not that the story didn’t achieve a deep level of reader connection to a few of the characters, but it could’ve been applied more broadly. I did cry when one of the main characters died and there were powerful moments of internal dialogue. Although the complex machinations of outside forces drives the plot, Anton Slayne’s clear character motivations unify a story that could have easily lacked thematic power.

Despite a number of turns of plot that broke my suspension of disbelief and slow pacing in a couple of places, the high-octane action, original world, and complex plot will have you flipping the pages faster than a quantum computer.


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