An Update on my Writing (and a call for help).

Image by Jcrakow

Image by Jcrakow

Hello readers,

Not long before Christmas, I posted that I would be spending time rewriting edits during my festive break. Well that’s exactly what I did. I knuckled down and went through all the suggested edits for Blood and Fear, The Crimson Guild and Blood Rage, in my Blood Rage Series. I got through most of the edits before heading back to my full time job, then progress slowed again. I’m happy to say that I have now finished the rewrites for all three books. The issue I have now is finding covers. For months I have been scouring all the pre-made cover sites I have saved in my favourites. Alas, I have not found anything suitable to date. There are few that do covers for a series, and of the ones that do, as you can imagine, they do not fit what I am looking for. It’s been like looking for a needle in three haystacks, while riding a unicycle… blindfolded. So, I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a custom set made up for the series. I put the feelers out last night on some social media groups I am in and will await a response. If you have any recommendations, please leave their details in a comment, your help would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, I will give the series one last read over, before sending to my editor for a final proof edit. Then I have the task of converting them to e-book formats and print formats before I finally release them. The e-book formatting should only take my around 4 – 5 days works days, or a weekend to complete. The print books take me a little longer as they are a bit more fiddly. I have no idea how long the covers will take as I don’t even have a cover designer at this time, but realistically, I hope to have all 3 books published before the end of March.

Who do you use for your cover designs and how long do they usually take?


One thought on “An Update on my Writing (and a call for help).

  1. Hi Allan
    Whatever design you finally settle on, one thing to keep in mind is that the majority of readers are likely to find your publications online, and the first thing they see will be a thumbnail about 125 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. So you think your cover may look good full size, but what does it look like as a thumbnail? In the thumbnail you want three things clearly visible: the title, your name, and a tagline to catch their interest (only about 4 words). So I wouldn’t agonise too much about the art. If you have the three things that have to stand out, much of the other art will fade into the background. This sounds el cheapo, but you can always use your own photo. Take a picture of some scary house in the nieghbourhood, have some hapless family member dress up and photograph them, and then fiddle with some filters to make it look dark and spooky. But if the art is dark and spooky, your title, name and tagline need to be in a light colour that stands out.
    Just a few thoughts.
    I’ve tried to do some of my own covers using text only, choosing fonts and colours and shapes that stand out.


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