Raising Good Stock – A Writer and His Books.

Hello Readers,

I thought it would be timely to give you all an update on what I’ve been up to. Well, late last year, I decided to send 4 of my little darlings off to my editor, Geneve Flynn, in the hope she would whip them into shape. So I packed them up and shipped them off.

Blood and Fear – A short fantasy story and Part 1 of the ‘Blood Rage’ Trilogy
The Crimson Guild – A fantasy novella and Part 2 of the ‘Blood Rage’ Trilogy
Blood Rage – A fantasy novel and Part 3 of the ‘Blood Rage’ Trilogy
Making Magic – A short fantasy/horror story

While they were away, I took a little break from all-things-writing to enjoy a peaceful Christmas without them. But I have to admit, I started to miss the little buggers. I needn’t have worried about them, my babies came back before the new year began – and what a great job my editor has done!

I’ve already worked through the edits on 3 of them and I’m about half way through Blood Rage. Now that they have matured and grown a little,  I need to prepare them for the cut-throat world that awaits them. I need to dress them up in nice covers, format them for publishing, and introduce them to all you lovely readers out there. And I’m getting close. Pretty soon they will be ready to move out and find a new home.

If you are considering snuggling up to a new book at night, adopting one of these poor, lonely little stories, or looking for a new world to escape to, then why not put them on your ‘To be read’ list. Interested? click here to receive an e-mail update when each one is ready to leave home.


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