Challenge Yourself – Guest Post by Geneve Flynn

Hell's Bells: Stories of Festive Fear by members of the Australian Horror Writers Association by [Members, Australian Horror Writers Association, Livings, Martin, Huntman, Gerry, Schembri, David, Nahrung, Jason, Baxter, Alan, Rutkay, Bernie, Chapman, Greg, Smith-Briggs, Mark, Trost, Cameron, Neil C. Cladingboel]

Challenge Yourself

Feeling a little jaded as the end of the year approaches? Sitting down at your keyboard, only to find your writing flow has turned into a struggle akin to dragging yourself across shag carpet wearing a corduroy suit?

I have a solution.

As a writer, there is a temptation to limit your work to things you’re familiar with; after all, we’re often told: write what you know.

But stepping outside your comfort zone can be a great way to revitalise your writing practice and stretch your writing muscles. Who knows? You might discover something new about yourself and give your brain the kickstart it needs.

The Australian Horror Writers Association recently put out a call for flash fiction for their forthcoming anthology, Hell’s Bells.

The requirements were simple enough: a 500 word Christmas ghost story with a submission period of a mere sixteen days.

I’d written short fiction before, but never anything that short. Submitting to the AHWA has always been one of my goals, so I thought, why not?

Imagine my surprise when the characters muscled past me onto the page, demanding to tell their story. In 500 words and two days’ writing, I had a lovely little tale of horror, pitting a malicious grandmother against a formidable Santa Claus.

To my delight, Grandmother Rina was accepted and features alongside a list of work by authors that reads like a who’s who of Australian horror; and I’m reminded once again what a vibrant writing community we have. Just what I needed to carry me through to the end of the year and onwards to 2017.

So, take a chance. Try something new. You never know what could happen.

How do you kickstart your writing practice?

If you’d like to read some creepy Christmas fiction, check out Hell’s Bells on this link:


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