They’re back! Now how do I chop and change them?

Picture by IMG_0859

Picture by IMG_0859

Alright… It’s happened! I got all 4 of my stories back from my editor last week. 2 Short stories, a novella and my novel. Now the pain begins. This is the part where I have to decide what changes to accept and what to decline. What suggestions to take on board and use to rework my story and make it better. What suggestions to omit because they don’t align with my style and the way I want my story to unfold.

If you think getting someone to do your editing will fix all your problems, think again. Yes, the copy edits are easy. They are mostly simple grammar corrections, word changes, etc… and you accept or decline them and move on. But the structural edit is a different beast altogether. While an editor can give you a structural report detailing what they think you need to do to improve your story, they are not there to do the work for you. They are there to guide you with your writing. You still need to consider the advice given and rewrite where required. And I have a lot to consider, so I guess I had better make a start on it.

To my readers that are waiting on the next story to be released, I apologize. I had hoped to have at least 1 out before Christmas, but it’s looking like it won’t happen until the New Year now. The good news is that I have 4 stories that are nearly ready. So keep your eyes open for my new releases coming soon, or sign up to my mailing list and I will let you know when they are released.

Until then, I hope Santa brings you a great book. Happy reading.


2 thoughts on “They’re back! Now how do I chop and change them?

  1. I left a message on your FB page Allan, however, I now realise that the photo does not reflect your writing … Obviously your editor does everything online.

    All the best as you go through the painful process of either accepting or rejecting the suggested changes.

    Jan Peters


    • Yes, sorry Jan, I should have indicated that in the post. She does all the work in word with track changes on and also provides a full structural edit. I haven’t checked the FB message yet, but will have a read anyway and only respond if necessary 🙂 Thanks


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