What do you want to see?

Picture by Shannon Hauser

Picture by Shannon Hauser

Hello out there in the busy, electronic minefield of the internet. Most of you have been following my blog for some time now, others not so long. For those long-term followers, you would know I have slacked off here and there to focus on my writing. For the newbies… That’s just how I roll. Anyway, I am thinking of putting some more time and energy into my blog. I find I have a little spare time on my hands while my work is being reviewed by my newly acquired editor. That’s where you come in. See, I’d like to know what you want to see more of on my blog. What sort of posts you have enjoyed? What would you like to see less of? Or are you happy for me to keep doing what I’m doing?

Your feedback on these things would be greatly appreciated and could help me to improve my blog. So please, let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “What do you want to see?

  1. I think what you have been doing so far is great.

    If you’re looking for ideas, you could do profile/spotlights on ezines and magazines that publish short stories, how to contact them etc.


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