Low Life – One Big Step Along My Journey

Low Life eCover-72dpi-1500x2000

Yes, it’s been a while since I checked in with you all. I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been focusing on my craft. Not just the writing side of things, but the publishing side too. I’m still attending my writer’s group meetings. I have pulled back on my social media and blogging. I’ve spent more time writing and I have been doing some leg work on self publishing. So, what does that mean? Well, let me give you a run down:

  • I have set myself up with an ABN, an Australian Business Number.
  • I have set myself up with an EIN, an Employee Identification Number, which is a U.S. Tax ID number. This allows me to sell books in the U.S. via Amazon, without having to pay a high rate of withholding tax.
  • I have established a Kindle Direct Publishing Account
  • I have set up an Author page on Amazon’s Author Central
  • I have taught myself, through reading, how to format my stories in HTML, convert them to e-books and publish on Amazon.
  • I have taken a story I previously published through one of my writers’ groups (I retained all rights to this story), and I have formatted it in HTML.
  • I have searched numerous Pre-Made book cover sights and purchased a suitable cover
  • I have converted the HTML file to a MOBI file
  • I have written a blurb for the book (a short synopsis)
  • I have uploaded the file to Amazon
  • I have linked the e-book to my author profile on Author Central
  • I have linked the e-book to my author profile on GoodReads
  • I have created a spread sheet to store the publication data
  • I have updated my publications page on this blog site
  • And I have written this blog post

After all this hard work, I have managed to produce my first ‘Indie’ Publication that is written, formatted and published by myself, in the form of a short story titled – Low Life.

For the writers out there who follow my blog, I intend to go through each of the above steps in more detail over the coming weeks. So, if you are on their own journey and looking for some info on what’s involved with setting up, etc… keep an eye out for these posts. For the readers that follow my blog and would like a stand alone short story, Low Life is now available here. Before purchasing, please take note that the story is available for free in the anthology ’18’ on some sites. The details can be found under the ‘publications’ page on this blog; however, any purchased copies of the stand alone version will be gratefully appreciated.


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