What Are You Looking For In A Book?

Picture by Emilio Nanni

Picture by Emilio Nanni – Creative commons Licence at: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/legalcode

Hello again, my blog posts are taking a back seat at the moment, but I thought I should take a bit of time to write one up and let you all know I’m still here, just busy with other stuff at the moment. Anyway, I’m waffling, so let’s get on with it.

I am currently reading Joe Abercrombie’s ‘Before They Are Hanged’, and I have to admit, I’m loving Joe’s work at the moment. Every one of his novels I’ve read so far, have stood high above any other fantasy I have read. I love his style, the gritty, no holds barred, bare your teeth and snarl at anyone that doesn’t like it, writing. To me, his prose is impressive and his stories are unique. There may be other books out there that are similar, but I haven’t read them, and I’m lapping it up because these two elements make his work a truly enjoyable read.

This has led me wonder, what is it others seek from a good book? Is it originality? Is it Style? Is it the emotional journey you take when you follow a character through their journey? Is it all of the above? I’m very interested in knowing just what is it that makes a great book for you?

Thanks for reading my post and I hope to hear some of your thoughts on this.


2 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For In A Book?

  1. Joe Abercrombie is one of my favourite authors at the moment, I’m kicking myself for not getting along to see him when he toured here last year. I am really interested in fantasy set in non-medieval settings, so JA first caught my attention when I read about Red Country. I like stories with strong and non-stereotypical characters the author makes you invest in emotionally, fast-paced plots with some twists and turns, a good sense of setting without getting bogged in description, some humour and a satisfying ending.


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