Know much about adventure? I’ve just had a crash course.

Hello again, I thought I would give you another update as I have just had two weeks off work. I spent the first week fine tuning the formatting I have done for the anthology my writers’ group are producing. I also got stuck into my novella and managed to get my first draft done – Woohoo! The second week I spent taking a break from both work and writing, heading over to New Zealand with the family for some adventure. And what an awesome time we had. In the five days we were there, we managed to visit an ice bar (a bar where everything is made of ice, including tables, chairs and glasses.),


enjoy coffee at the boathouse,


take a walk through Queenstown Gardens,


enjoy a meal at Chicco’s, visit the cookie shop, take the gondola up a mountain, ride the luge, ride a ski lift, do a Zip Line tour, visit arrowtown,


visit Milford Sound (beautiful)


and do this:-

Ledge swing 9

Yep, that’s me swinging in mid-air and now I think I need another holiday to relax!

What was your last big adventure?



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