Taking a break. How do you unwind?


I haven’t posted much recently, mainly because I’ve been concentrating on getting my novella finished. I’ve set myself a goal to release all three books in my ‘Blood Rage’ series this year, and if I’m going to make that happen, I need to cut back somewhere else. I’m also trying to get a bit more me time, as it helps me unwind and re-energizes me. So, I took a short break down to Melbourne last weekend and while I was there, I visited the State Library of Victoria. Here are some snaps I took on my visit.

It’s a fascinating place and it’s free, I’d recommend if you’re in Melbourne that you pop in. Well, that’s one way I found to relax, how do you unwind?


2 thoughts on “Taking a break. How do you unwind?

  1. I relax with D&D. Or DVDs. I’m really liking Agents of Shield, now that I’ve watched it intensively. It’s very good, really intelligent not just technically, but also in a narrative sense. It’s really sticking with me. Like all good Joss Whedon shows, really. It’s also inspired me, which is great. Watching TV is not a dead-end activity, not for a writer. Especially if you’ve always thought of narrative in series form, like I have. I’m always influenced by TV and movies, and that’s not a bad thing, not for a writer (though you need to understand that TV and film have their own rules and conventions… such as how nobody ever says goodbye on the phone in TV land. Or finishes their meal. EVER.)

    This reply was just going to be ‘D&D’.


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