Book Review – The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne

The Story Grid: What Good Editors KnowThe Story Grid: What Good Editors Know by Shawn Coyne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Story Grid is a book by editor, Shawn Coyne. The book gives you an insightful look into the technique he uses to break down a story, to analyse it in all its parts and find out what is not working.

The Bad Stuff: There is a fair bit of repetition within the pages of this book, while it could be considered as a technique the author has used to ensure you remember the important stuff, it felt like filler to me.

The Good Stuff: This book gives an insightful look into an editors technique for finding flaws in a story. I have definitely gained some useful knowledge from reading this book.

On the whole this was an informative read for me, while I knew some of the details within, it gave me a better understanding of how to use the information I have at hand in a constructive way to better my writing. Will I use the Story Grid to break down all my stories? Probably not, but it has created a better awareness of what I am doing and what to look out for. I’m giving this book 4 out of 5 golden bookmarks.

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