Super hero or Super zero

Picture by Gareth Simpson

Picture by Gareth Simpson

By day I’m a mild mannered office worker running a great team of people committed to doing a good job. But when the sun goes down, I rip off my collared shirt, put on my black rimmed glasses and transform into my alter-ego known only as… The Writer! Destined to use my super-powers for good, I reach for my trusty laptop and stare at the blank screen. My mind goes blank and words flow from my fingers, through my keyboard, and onto the virtual page faster than a speeding snail. In less time than it takes to walk to the moon, I’ll have a story. But alas, my arch nemesis the “Grammar Error” lurks near by. I focus my x-ray editors vision on the page and search, only to come up empty handed.

This is how I feel more often than not these days. Is working a full time job a writer’s Kryptonite? I get home feeling drained of all energy, yet I sit in front of my laptop every night trying to get some words down, even if it’s only a few words, because those few will get me closer to my goal. We all go through our peaks and troughs. There are times when I am inspired, I want to write, and hundreds, even thousands of words come in a gush of creativity. At the moment though, I have a story I want to finish so bad it hurts, but every time I look at it my shoulders sag and I stare at the page. Do writers need to take a break from there work? I wonder? Maybe I should slip my black rimmed glasses into there case, close my laptop and chill out over the Christmas break. But then, the time off work may be just what I need to get my story finished.

What I do know is that when my story is done I will feel like a super hero, but if I don’t keep trying… all I’ll come up with is super zero!



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