What do You Think of Book Trailers?

Picture by Kevin Stanchfield

Picture by Kevin Stanchfield

I have been known to be a bit of a movie buff, in fact in years gone by I much preferred a movie to a book. Believe it or not, I never used to enjoy reading. As a writer this is a bit of a problem, so I’ve pushed myself to read more books. I’ve have learnt to enjoy reading and now I find myself trying to make up for all the books I have not read.

This brings me to my point. Recently I have heard about book trailers. I have even seen a few put together by authors I know and I have enjoyed watching them. But, I find myself asking “do the two really go together?” Advertising a book through a movie style trailer is a bit of a paradox to me. It seems that on one hand you have those who love to read, on the other, those who love to watch, and then there are others who enjoy both. I know many a reader of a great book has gone to see the movie. I also know many a movie goer that has invested in the book. But would a book trailer entice you to read a book?

I would be keen to know what you think.


2 thoughts on “What do You Think of Book Trailers?

  1. I have not seen a trailer for a book before but that’s probably because I don’t own a TV and haven’t for a while. Your comments made me think about this and even more surprising put some of them in type. I have read books all my life and have a collection of over 600.Most of which I have read, some twice when sequels came out. Many of these have been made into movies which I have enjoyed although I find that my image of the characters in my head often clashes with the screen presentation a thing I noticed recently when I watched the pilot of a TV show called The Expanse, based on a series of books by James S Corey. I was reading the 5th book at the time and rewatched the pilot again a week later to get my head around the visual realignment of these characters. I feel if done correctly it could enhance the power of the words of the author but in my time I have seen some cool trailers for films which leave an expectation in my head that the film does not deliver. Enough of my rambling I am going back to J S Corey because he does deliver.


    • Thanks for your comment Kev, I’ve found the same with a lot of movie trailers, they show all the best parts and leave you expecting so much more, only to find you go away disappointed. This could certainly work the same way for book trailers. I do tend to think that a book trailer may help to set the intended scene and atmosphere of a book though. However, I if a book is well written this would not be necessary anyway. I think I will keep an open mind and form my opinion once I have seen a few more and read the associated books.


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