Trial, error and ignorance.

Oh no - picture by Tom Woodward

Oh no – picture by Tom Woodward

I began my WordPress blog in March 2014 and after all this time, I would consider myself well versed in the use of my WordPress blog. When I set up my blog, I specifically picked a theme that was capable of working on mobile devices. I thought this was the smart thing to do, what with all the different tablets and phones out there. Today, some 20 months later, I was messing around with themes, thinking I might need to do a refresh on my site and while comparing a new theme to my current one, I realized I had not switched on the mobile device capability, Doh… I thought this was automatic, Double Doh… So, this in mind, I thought I would put the message out there. Anyone who has chosen a theme with mobile capability, don’t assume like I did – You should check it is switched on!


5 thoughts on “Trial, error and ignorance.

  1. Oh hey, are you buying Terry Brooks or borrowing from the library? I’ve got all the Shannara ones, if you need to borrow them and they don’t have em at the library or in stores.


    • Hi Dan, I borrowed them from the library. I have so many books yet to read on my bookshelf, I don’t think I will get to another Terry Brooks novel for a while. I appreciate the offer though, thank you. Maybe when my ‘to read’ pile reduces somewhat.


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