Book Review – The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

The HeroesThe Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Heroes is a story of war and the men fighting on both sides of the battlefield.

The Bad Stuff: Joe Abercrombie’s style threw me at first, sentences with words missing, written as they might be spoken colloquially. Coming in under the fantasy genre, I also expected a little more magic, strange creatures, other races, etc…

The Good Stuff: It didn’t take me long to adapt to Joe’s style, and I love it. This tale is gritty and dark, but it feels so real. There are numerous characters, all with their own problems and flaws. I expected dragons and magic, I got blood and gore, and I was not disappointed. Joe has a way with words that makes everything seem real. His characters are genuine and crass. His action scenes will make you squirm, and his storytelling will keep you reading to the end. I loved this book, so much so that I would say it is the best book I have read… ever! I have found my favourite author at last and I hope to have many more hours of enjoyment from the other stories in his collection of titles. Good work Mr Abercrombie.

I’m giving this read an amazing 5 out of 5 golden bookmarks, just as soon as I can wipe the blood splatters off my face.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

  1. I’ve been meaning to read this one. Someone said it was 500 pages of fight scenes, as if that’s a bad thing. I think I’ll have to pick it up at some point.

    I read Abercrombie’s story in Rogues, and absolutely loved that, so hopefully I’d enjoy his longer works.


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