Wattpad, what’s that?

Picture by Shannon Hauser

Picture by Shannon Hauser

I’ve been hearing a lot about Wattpad these days. Maybe it’s just because the latest blog I’ve followed has been posting about it, which has sparked my interest and got me looking deeper. Whatever the reason, it has been on my mind recently, and from what I gather, it is a social network for readers and writers. It seems you can read free stories that people have posted or you can post stories yourself and get feedback on them. This can be done one chapter at a time or as a complete story. It also seems you can get picked up by publishers if you have a large enough interest in your writing and at the very least you can build a following – as a writer this interests me. It could be a good tool to get feedback, gain new readers and build a bigger following on my Author platform. So I’d like to know if anyone that follows my blog has had any success with Wattpad that they would like to share? I’d be very interested in hearing all about it if you have. If you have a success story you’d like to share, please comment on this post with the details.


5 thoughts on “Wattpad, what’s that?

  1. I uploaded some early chapters of my books a week ago – not sure how it will go. I did get one lovely comment within a few hours, which was heartening. I think it is one of those places which rewards those who interact with it regularly. (like most social media). Need to build up a following…


    • Hi Emily, it has been a while since this post and I was wondering how you went with Wattpad? Did you continue with it? Did you find any pro’s or con’s? I’d love to hear about your experience if you would like to share.


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