Happenings in the Life of an Author.

by Gonzalo Viera Azpiroz - The Commons

Things are looking up for me right now. I’ve finally managed to sell my cash-devouring 1996 Audi that cried “feed me more money or I’ll break down on your ass” every 2 months. I now lease a new car with all expenses included for the same cost as I was paying to maintain the old one (a much better deal, I think). The best news is that I have obtained an unconditional contract on the sale of my old house – Yay! because that is a massive relief. All I have to do now is shift the remaining junk from the old place before settlement and I can get my writing schedule back to normal.

And speaking of writing, I have more good news. Over the last few weekends, I have managed to get some writing done and I now have 5000 words for the short story that preludes my novel. I’m about two thirds of the way through and once it’s finished, I’ll concentrate on the novella that fills the gaps between the short story and the novel. As previously mentioned, I plan to publish all three pretty closely together. The marketing plan is to put the short story out for free, then release the novella, followed by the novel. I will also do a boxed set for all three at a discounted price. I’m considering making the novel available in the boxed set before it is available on its own, but I’m still thinking that through at the moment. I have the cover for my novel, but I still need to come up with one for the short story, the novella and the boxed set. I also need to format the lot for e-book publishing and possibly create templates for print copies. All this should happen early next year if I’m on schedule (but don’t hold your breath, it has been pushed back a few times already).  Oh, and I’ve also recently completed a short spec fiction story for an anthology scheduled to be published in 2016.


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