Searching For My Mojo

“Image courtesy of Gualberto 107 /”.

I missed my writers’ group today, though I have e-mailed the critiques that I completed to those who submitted this month. I seem to be finding it increasingly harder to focus on my writing at the moment, whether it be critiquing, writing, blogging or whatever. I spent hours staring at the words on my screen, trying to make them better. I should have been adding more words, but I couldn’t find them. After all the time I spent looking at the screen, I started making some changes here and there, and I think I finally understand the concept of ‘show, don’t tell.’ I mean, I thought I understood it before, but I’m sure the penny has finally dropped. I have to go and stare at the screen some more now, go over what I’ve written and make it even better. Maybe then I can add more words and finish what I’ve started. Maybe then I’ll get my mojo back.


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