Thoughts On A Page – Are You A Courageous Writer?

Photo by Renaud Camus

Photo by Renaud Camus

I spent a day in a training course about coaching last week and It always surprises me just how much I can relate back to my writing. In this course I covered Managing with avoidance and Managerial Courage. As the topics suggest, one is about avoiding issues and the other is about being courageous and confronting them. I think this can translate to writing, i.e.Writing with avoidance or writing with courage. I think sometimes we are scared to write what we really want to, through the fear that our readers will not like us. I also think this holds us back, because unless we are courageous writers, we will never truly find our own ‘voice’.

What do you think, does courage help your writing?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Page – Are You A Courageous Writer?

  1. I think if you’re courageous enough, your stories ring true. You then allow your characters to be themselves and become real – they can be unlovely, or spiteful or selfish – just like a real person. Great post Allan.


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