Help Wanted – What Do You Think Of The Blurb?

Picture by Pakom

Picture by Pakom

Here is a big shout out to my readers, thank you all for tagging along on my journey and following my blog. If you want to get involved and give me a helping hand, it would be great if you could let me know what you think of the back blurb for my upcoming novel ‘Blood Rage’. You don’t have to write War & Peace, I’ll be happy if you just leave me a short comment. So here it is:-

Conall is a loner, a thief with a secret trying to survive in the cruel world of Kirree. Commissioned to steal a magical talisman, he sets out on a dangerous journey that leads him to a new friendship with Erin – a rogue trying to make a better life for herself. When Conall discovers Erin has been imprisoned by a ruthless power-monger, he must decide if he should help her or focus on the job at hand – A job which ultimately leads to his betrayal.

Set in a tough and gritty world of magic and mythical creatures, the odds are stacked against him.


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