Feeding Your Thoughts – Do You Believe You’ll Ever Write A Best Seller?

Photo by Renaud Camus

Photo by Renaud Camus

Part 2 of my trip to Melbourne.

On my trip to Melbourne, there were 2 main events. The first was a treasure hunt exercise that I discussed in part 1 of this blog post, the second was a session on ‘Resilience’.

Resilience is how well we stand up against adversity, it is the ability to keep going against the pressure. The session talked about ‘learned helplessness’. I interpreted this as the belief that you can’t do something, based on past learning. ie. your parents told you that ‘you’ll never run a 4 minute mile, it just can’t be done,’ or maybe you already tried to run a 4 minute mile and you couldn’t do it.

I learned an interesting acronym around this discussion: FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real.

The session went on to talk about how the human brain works in very basic terms. It was pointed out that there are some key factors here:

  1. People react to challenges in learned patterns.
  2. We rarely consider or analyse these patterns.
  3. The patterns are measurable.
  4. They can be changed and improved.

The important thing I got from this is that we do not have to accept things for what we believe them to be. We can question them, look at them from a different perspective, and more importantly, we can change and improve how we think and how we respond. So if you ever think to yourself, ‘I’ll never write a best seller, it’s too hard’ why not change that thought to, ‘I will write a best seller, I just have to keep trying.’


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