London’s Calling Via Distance (Author Interview with Allan Walsh)

Thanks to Kenneth Mugi for allowing me to share this via re-blog.

Your regular dose of semi-serious shenanigans.

Hailing from the wild streets of London, Allan’s our dark fantasy writer. As one of those folks who has the ‘inside dope’ on some of the best upcoming authors of this decade, I’m very excited about Allan’s next couple of years. He’s just set up his own online platform and—after being forged in the fires of our writer’s group—he’s about to embark on the next part of his career.

He recently released Low Life—a short story brimming with demons and a creepy caretaker—in the anthology, 18. This week, I catch up with him and find out who the man is behind an eternity of saws.

Q: A lot of your tales are thematically similar to some English directors, especially the way the highlight life’s rawness. Do you feel growing up in London has impacted on the stories you are drawn to tell?

I have never really reflected on my own…

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