Book Review – He Was A Hero, He Shouldn’t Have Died.

He was a hero, he shouldn't have died (Genjitsu, #1)He was a hero, he shouldn’t have died by Kenneth A. Mugi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

He was a hero, he shouldn’t have died is a story about Kasumi, a young girl from an interracial family that has suffered at the hands of her abusive mother. Kasumi starts a new life after her mother walks out on her, a life where she makes friends for the first time and tries to overcome her anger issues.

The Bad Stuff: To be honest, I found this book slow to start. The ending seemed a little rushed and I was a little confused by Morgan’s character. He peaked my interest early, but never seemed to fill his potential. I think he could have played a stronger role.

The Good Stuff: While it gets off to a slow start, it is worth persevering and I enjoyed it once I got hooked in. The characters are very real and well developed, all with there own personalities and problems.

This is not a book for the prudish and I found it to be an interesting read with an original story that covers the taboo topics of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, bi-sexuality, violence, friendship and love. The story is left open for a follow-up which I would be interested in reading if it is ever produced. I give it 3 out of 5 Golden bookmarks.

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