Line up those juggling balls.

Picture by Thomasin Durgin

Picture by Thomasin Durgin

Okay, so everyone’s life is busy I know, but some days most days, I feel like there just aren’t enough hours. I am currently living within 15 kms of the city, which is convenient because it only takes me 5 mins to get to work, but I’m in the process of building a new home and will be moving a little further out (there goes another 30 minutes of my day in travel time). So while the build is on, I’m trying to re-paint and fix up the old place, ready to sell. The plan being to reduce the mortgage and have a little extra cash I can use to save for a holiday much deserved holiday. I’m also reading two books at the moment and trying to edit a novel. On top of that I’m trying to write a couple of new short stories and teach myself French. I also have my blog to maintain, oh… and don’t forget the day job and the housework.

There are also other things I want to do, but I can’t fit them into my schedule right now – like getting back into Martial Arts training or playing Magic (MTG) with my daughter. When I tell people this, they seem to think I am just being lazy and putting things off. They say stuff like, “You can always make the time if you really want to.” This is true, but when you have a busy schedule, it comes at a cost. Something else has to give, and right now my focus is on the things I am doing now.

It’s a hard slog, I don’t deny that and sometimes I feel tired… very tired, and sometimes I don’t want to write or I don’t want to edit. But you know what? I also love the fact that I have so much to do – it keeps my mind active, it wards off the boredom, and I get a great deal of satisfaction whenever I complete something. Then there is also the fact that with so much going on, if I don’t want to do a particular task on any given day, I don’t, I just do something else.

What are you doing with your time?

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