Maybe I know something you don’t know?

Picture by Greg Westfall

Picture by Greg Westfall

I have been studying a lot to become a ‘quality’ writer, not at Uni or from taking courses, but through books and online info, podcasts and writings that cover all sorts of topics from developing characters to formatting e-books and building a platform. On my learning journey I have discovered many things and one that comes up again and again is that us bloggers should build a mailing list. I’ve been putting this off for some time now, thinking I will do that when I’m ready to publish my novel.

The mailing list topic came up again recently on a podcast I was listening to, so I thought maybe I should get it going sooner rather than later. Much to my surprise, while I was familiarizing myself with the new features on Wordpress, I discovered that it allows you to add a contact form to a blog page that will do this. You may in fact have noticed that I have set one up, and so far it seems to work a treat.

I thought I would share this info in case some of you have been looking at doing this yourselves and are not aware of this feature on WordPress. You’ll find my mailing list at the top right of my blog if you wish to check out how it looks. The plan is to use the mailing list to send free short stories, a newsletter or info about any new releases I have. I’d like to do this on a monthly basis at most, but more likely bi-monthly or quarterly. So if you wish to sign up, feel free to fill out the form and I promise not to spam you.

If you have tried this already and have anything to add, I’d be interested to hear from you.


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