Who are you?

Picture by Agustin Ruiz

Picture by Agustin Ruiz

When you blog on a regular basis you get to a point when you wonder what the hell to blog about next, at least I do anyway. So I got to thinking, what haven’t I blogged about that I should be sharing with you, the ones who follow my blog and make it worth while. And it hit me that I really haven’t blogged much about me, the things I do, the things I like, etc… I mean sure, I’ve told you I write, my whole blog is based on that piece of info, but what about all the other stuff? So here is a little about me.

I was born in Australia and raised in the UK, returning to the land down under at the age of 28. I love martial arts and watch UFC, until… well until the next fight night or main event. I grew up watching the likes of Drunken Master, Snake in the Eagles Shadow and Crystal Fist. Jackie Chan is one of my heroes, along with Bruce lee, Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

I have dabbled at being a DJ and played a few parties back in the day (not that I was any good at it, but I enjoyed trying to mix it up on my techniques 1200 SL’s) and I still love music. While on the topic, I have quite an eclectic taste, listening to anything from Blues to Alternative rock. I love Soul, Trance & Rap among other genres. When it comes to music, Eminem is one of my heroes. Which is funny because when I was really into rap I never liked his music. I only started listening to him when he went more commercial and then I had to go back and listen to all his older material, but he truly is a wordsmith and I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.

What may come as a surprise to you is the fact that I never used to read at all. I was always a ‘movie kind of guy’  which you would guess if you saw my DVD collection. Then I started writing and found that reading is a pre-requisite. So I started and haven’t looked back. My biggest problem now is time, I am constantly juggling (as many of us do) to fit everything into each day.

And that’s a little glimpse into my world.

So how about you, what paths have you walked?


6 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Before I really got into writing, I was an avid DVD movie fan. I have cupboards filled the brim with all manner of movies, from Sci-fi to thrillers, comedy and dramas. I guess it was the love of a good yarn that got me to thinking that maybe I could have a crack at that. That was about seven years ago, and while I stick to short stories and collaborations with people online, it’s now a daily past time.


  2. Hmmm that is truly thoughtful question. I probably take too many paths, Sprint down them as hard and fast as possible, then forget why I went down them in the first place.

    Luckily they all lead to the same place, being a more knowledgeable me. Unfortunately most of the knowledge I gain is trivial and not of much use. Except on the rare occasion I can impress my acquaintances and myself that I know something out of the ordinary

    So, I have always been an avid reader, and have a difficult time understanding why people ‘wait for the DVD’, but each to their own

    I wish that being a reader helped me more to write, sometimes I think – yep, I could well do that – then reality sorts me out when I can’t bear to reread what I have written without cringing.

    And I don’t think I have the dedication of seeing a story through. The amount of work, time, effort and the many things outside of writing and editing, an author has to do is way beyond my short attention span.

    I am truly in awe of all authors out there, and think the dedication to your craft is amazing. As without you, I’d have nothing interesting to read.

    Thanks 😊

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    • It’s nice to know that readers appreciate us Bombus, a lot of people believe writers have an easy life – but I think you know that is not the case. And thank you for reading, that’s what makes it all worth while.


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