One step at a time, it’s a slow process

Picture by Pix.Plz

Picture by Pix.Plz

For those of you that follow my blog, you will know that I wrote my first novel some time ago. Since then and over the course of at least 2 years, I have (and not necessarily in this order): joined a writers group, submitted several chapters for critique, reviewed the feedback, edited both the critiqued chapters and the others based on the feedback, created this blog, created a goodreads account, published a short story in an anthology, created an Amazon KDP account,  created a one line summary for my novel, created a blurb for my novel, designed several covers for my novel, formatted the novel for publishing and now I have submitted it to a handful of friends for beta reading (a mix of both readers and writers).

I have been holding off on getting an ABN, ASIN and ISBN until I am absolutely ready to publish. I feel like I am very close now, but waiting for the beta readers to return their opinions is a nerve wracking thing. That said, I am eagerly awaiting their feedback, and once I have it, I will probably lock myself away for a month to polish my prose.

I have read many authors take several years to complete their first novel. I have no doubt that this is true, and I believe they could have taken several more if they got caught up in their editing. I personally find every time I look at a chapter, I change something. At some point you have to say ‘that’s it’ and move onto the next stage. Each stage of the process gets you one step closer to your goal, even if it is a long, slow process – perseverance is the key. So if you find that you are taking forever to get anything done, don’t give up, good things take time.

Keep writing, keep editing and when you need a break from it all, try reading a book to unwind.


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