Spotlight on the Author – Talitha Kalago

(Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro)

Welcome to my first ‘Spotlight On The Author’ post. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I like to help other Writers/Authors with hints and tips, references, etc… as well as motivate them with positive and inspirational quotes. But not everyone needs tips on how to write or where to find resources, so I thought I would try to help in another way.

The concept behind ‘Spotlight On The Author’ is to highlight other authors and their work, who they are, what they write, how to find their blogs, and whatever else I think might help.

I got the idea while talking to a friend and fellow member of Vision Writers – Talitha Kalago. Surprise, surprise, we were chatting about all things writing, from blog posts and author interviews to why you should have business cards as a writer – so who better to start with!

Talitha is an Aussie girl who lives on the Sunshine Coast. She writes Y.A, Spec Fic, Fantasy and Horror, among other genres, and not all under the same name. As a person she shoots from the hip and doesn’t mince words, much like her writing which is sharp and lean. Her critiques can be brutally direct and her editing suggestions have earned her the nickname ‘Slasher’. All fear Talitha in the circle of critiques… This said she is not malicious and will just as freely praise good work, to the extent where she has offered to present other writer’s work to her publisher.

Talitha’s is a determined, self motivated and focussed individual who loves to write. Her most recent work is the Lifesphere Inc. series of Y.A. Sci-Fi novels, the first of which is available free on her website. To find out more about her and her books you can visit: Traditional Evolution.



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