Life is hectic sometimes.

(Picture by Colin Harris ADE)

Hello readers, writers, bloggers, followers and friends alike. I thought I should write a quick post to let you know why I have been slacking off a little with my blog posts over the last month. Truth is I have a list of things to do and little spare time to do them in. I’m currently trying to read three books, keep up with my critique group submissions, update my blog posts and edit my novel. On top of that I am trying to clean up my yard and do some home renovations, among other things, all while maintaining a full time job.

Most of my time has gone into editing, as I want to publish my novel before the end of the year. I’m also attending the Brisbane Writers Festival and have to get critiques done for the upcoming event, so everything else has been pushed to the end of the queue. Life is so busy, sometimes it’s hard to get everything done.

The point is that I have not forgotten about my blog, I have just been temporarily diverted to other tasks. I will still be posting when time permits, so don’t forget to stop by and take a peek every now and then.

I will be back with more regular posts when things calm down a little, until then I’ll try to come up with at least one post a week.

Cheers 🙂



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