Some lessons are worth learning.

(Picture by Andre Ludtke)

My quest for knowledge and magical writers’ artefacts – the ones that can only be found hidden in the depths of my writers’ group critique sessions – has come to an end for another month. I suited up in my shiniest coat of armour, packed my shield, hoping to deflect the verbal blows I expected to rain down upon me, and rode my white charger into the fray of battle.

I’m not sure whether it was because I was prepared or if it was because my group felt a little sorry for me after reading last nights post, but I came out of the critique session relatively unscathed. Yes, I took a few blows from metaphoric swords and maces, but on the whole I reckon I dodged a hefty war hammer. Why do I do it? well, once again I have come away with hidden treasures that I could not find without facing my fears. The feedback is invaluable and makes me a better writer.

It is no surprise to me that I may get feedback I don’t want to hear. The challenge is to listen with an open mind. Thankfully they are an honest bunch and they’re not afraid to tell me when they think I’m getting it wrong. This creates an opportunity. The opportunity to learn something great. The opportunity to reflect on my writing and to improve. But, there is another lesson I have learned from my group, and that is that they care. They care about my writing, they want me to write well, and they want me to succeed.

And so the adventure will go on.


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