Words of wisdom? They Just May be!

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Tomorrow is my monthly writers’ group session and I’m a little nervous. Why? because I have submitted a piece with a flashback. For those of you who follow this post, you will probably recall that the last submission I put forward for critique, also had a flashback. What happened? I ruffled a few feathers, getting a bit of a dressing down from those that don’t like flashbacks. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment!

My following blog sought feedback from my fellow readers and writers alike, to see what you thought. The general consensus was that there is nothing wrong with flashbacks, as long as you do them right.

Anyway, I will see how it goes down tomorrow. I’m not expecting a great reception, but I’m sure I will get some valuable feedback. Whatever comes of it, I will learn something. Something about writing, something about people, something about me, or something about my story – Whether I agree or not.

I guess for me, it is better to put my work out for criticism to a group of people I know and get feedback – Feedback that I can review and decide whether I agree or not, feedback that may tell me I have missed something, or that I can do something better – rather than not get any feedback at all. At least I get to see what people like and what they don’t like. More importantly I get to find out if it is just an individual preference or a blanket one.

At the end of the day, it is still my choice how I write, but a smart writer will listen to criticism with an open mind and then choose what will work best for them and their readers. So that’s what I will do, wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Words of wisdom? They Just May be!

  1. I think it might be better to have characters reflect on past events, rather than relive them in real-time, in the form of a flashback. I think people like that better; I tend to see it happen the former way, the reflection, rather than the flashback, in most published fiction I’ve read.


    • Thanks Dan, that’s a fair comment. I think as a writer I will have to try out different techniques and decide what works and what doesn’t. Who knows, maybe I will be good at a certain style and stick with it. 🙂


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