I want to like you, I just can’t!

Picture by Pakom

Picture by Pakom

I have been reading through blogs on the pages of fellow bloggers recently and have found several posts that I really enjoyed. “I’m gonna like that” I’ve thought to myself, but when I have gone to like them, there has not been an option to do so. The like function appears to have been turned off? I don’t really understand this. I would think it allows you to gauge the topics readers are interested in. Similarly, there have been many posts I would love to have re-blogged, again the feature has been turned off. I see re-blogging as a huge opportunity to extend your readership. Just think of all the readers that may be referred to your own page to see what else you have to say, just because someone was kind enough to share your post.

This got me thinking – Why don’t people want to be liked or re-blogged?

Have you got a reason for switching off this feature? I’d love to know.


One thought on “I want to like you, I just can’t!

  1. That happens to me, too. I’ll go to “like” something and there won’t be an option. I think it’s strange as well since most bloggers would want more readers, but I guess maybe some people like having a smaller group of followers.


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