Create your world

Photo by batintherain

Photo by batintherain

One of the basic rules of writing a novel is to create your world. Remember that when you write, you should be creating an emotional journey for the reader. Conflict rouses emotion. So when you are creating your world you should look for conflict. In your world you should ask – what are the opposing factors that will create conflict?

There can be conflict among cultures, political parties, religious groups, ruling powers, guilds, magical factions, environmental factors, etc…You can create a luxurious environment that makes life boring for your protagonist and forces them to seek adventure elsewhere or you can create a harsh environment that tests the will of any person. You can create competition among groups or different beliefs that force people against each other. You can create good and evil in a fight for power or freedom.

The point is that this is your world and you can create whatever you want, but whenever you create something, think about what conflicting creation you could add to oppose it. If you can do this, you are setting the foundations for your readers to embark on an emotional ride.


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