Long Road Ahead

Picture by Jon Rawlinson.

I have strayed a little bit off topic lately, so let’s get back on the road. Now where was I? Oh that’s right, my Writers’ group. This is how it works. We meet once a month to critique each others work, there is the occasional gathering for birthdays and stuff, but in general a handful of us will submit a piece each month that will go under the scrutiny of the group.

Recently, while I’ve tried to hold down my full time job and keep up with the demands of everyday life, I have not had time to submit anything but my short story for the anthology our group just released. It’s been a case of: write submission, submit for scrutiny, get feedback, bite tongue and cry other feedback, pull self together, edit, submit for copy editing, read suggested edits…’pause for breath’…huff and puff over suggestions, cool down, accept/reject recommended edits, sign contracts and send to print. Somewhere In between there have been reviews of Cover design, page titles, font, formatting, testing on devices, etc.. Thankfully we have a talented group who put a lot of effort into this, a select few probably deserve a medal for their work.

On top of all the work I have been putting into the anthology, I have also been trying to build my author platform. If any of you have not done this before, let me tell you – it is a lot of work and needs continuous attention, at least in the beginning anyway. So if it is on your list of things to do, start it sooner rather than later.

After all the hard work, the book was finally ready and we published the e-copy on 9th May. We all let out a deep breath and relaxed…There have probably been a few bottles of grog cracked open in celebration too, and maybe a few cheers, and maybe even some colourful streamers. I may have even done a little jig, but I’m not admitting to that…no, no, no.

This is the first step in my writing career, I consider it a baby step upon the long road ahead, but a step forward none the less. I have learnt a great deal in this process from the help and determination of others with a passion to do what they enjoy – Write.

So in closing, I would like to say thank you to all involved, you know who you are – now let’s get back to writing!


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