Ever been in the right place at the right time?

Image courtesy of r.nial Bradshaw / The Commons

Image courtesy of r.nial Bradshaw / The Commons

Do you ever have those moments when you feel you have made decisions that put you in the right place at the right time? I had one about nine months ago. I was on my monthly excursion into Brisbane City for my writers group. I had been up half the night reading submissions and making my critique notes and was ready for action. The session went well, everyone was in good spirits and the critiques were accepted for the constructive criticisms they were. Then someone asked the question, Why don’t we do an anthology? There was a bit of chit chat about it, then things died down and off we went.

A month or two later and the topic was raised again. This time the suggestion received more interest and the decision was made. We were going to produce an anthology. We were like a bunch of kids who could hear the ice cream truck coming down the road.

The beauty of groups is that they hold people with a variety of skills and expertise. In our group we not only have writers, we have published authors, book reviewers, a publisher, editors, a book shop employee, uni students, ex military, a school teacher and the list goes on. If I had been on my own that ice cream truck may have kept on driving, leaving me to run after it, but as a group it pulled up right outside my door. And what’s more, I was confident that together we had the ability to achieve our goal.

We set up a private group on a social media site for communication on the project, and before I knew it the machine was in motion. The information came flooding through: typesets, margins, fonts, topic, word count, deadlines, etc… We didn’t let that perturb us, we took out the grease gun and oiled the cogs. Each of us writing a short story to be included. Needless to say we have all been busy over the preceding months (some more-so than others, thanks guys, you know who you are).

The process has been a real eye-opener into what actually goes into creating a book. Not only have I learned a few things along the way to achieving one of my own goals, but I have forged stronger friendships through the experience. As a group we have decided to make the anthology available for free as an e-book and we will make it available for purchase via POD for anyone who wants a hardcopy. The good news is that we are only about a month away from publishing. Who knows, I might get to taste that ice cream very soon.


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