Useful Info?

"Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /".

“Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /”.

After taking some time out to read, I got back onto the search for information, trying to find out about author platforms, self publishing, editing and all the things that encompass being an author. I spent time trawling the net, finding little snippets here and there, then one day a fellow writer recommended an author and her website to me. The author in question was Joanna Penn and her blog site is

I have no affiliation with Joanna Penn and have no personal interest in promoting her site. I am however sharing this information for the benefit of those that find themselves in the same situation as I did, searching for helpful information. Joanna’s site has been a great help to me and with the allure of a free e-book, I have done the only thing any self-respecting author/writer on the hunt for information would do. I signed up! A confirmation e-mail later and I received my copy of the e-book, and what a great deal. The book is full of information and helpful links that cover off on a large variety of things – things I wanted to know about. And what’s more, it is still available. I would suggest that if anyone out there is interested in learning more about being a writer, go and check out Joanna’s Website.


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