Read to Write.

"Image courtesy of Gualberto 107 /".

“Image courtesy of Gualberto 107 /”.

My brain was lapping up info from the books I was reading on writing, and after some time I actually wanted to read something different – a novel. I have been told many times that in order to write, you must read. It is through reading that we learn to differentiate between the good, the bad and the bloody terrible. So, I jumped in my car and drove down to a local shopping strip, the place I usually go to for coffee, but this time it wasn’t coffee I sought, I was on a mission to the charity shop. After thirty minutes rummaging through shelves of various pre-loved, pre-hated, ancient and new books, I finally walked out of the store with an armful of second hand novels.

The next few weeks were spent reading. It gave me a new appreciation for writing and I started to yearn for an e-book reader. Fortunately, my birthday was just around the corner and my awesome girlfriend loved me enough to buy me a Kindle. I filled it with e-books and started reading more…and more…and more. This was a dangerous road for me to take, for reading requires time, and time is something I find myself increasingly short of. So I cast my e-reader aside and fired up my trusty laptop once again, wiping the cobwebs from the keyboard and started to edit my novel.

I have conceded that reading is an important part of writing, but we need to strike a balance – lest we find ourselves eternally buried in the prose of a book.

I guess the moral of this blog is that you need to read to become a better writer, and books don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can get them from the charity shop, the library, online or borrow from friends. Whatever way works for you don’t loose track of your writing. After all that’s one of the reasons you’re reading isn’t it?


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